What ShoesForTwo Does 

ShoesForTwo works with schools, churches and youth basketball organizations to collect good quality pre-owned basketball shoes that have usually been “out grown”, but have another season left in them. The shoes are cleaned/disinfected  and placed in new shoe boxes and distributed at no charge to kids, boys and girls, who need a good pair of basketball shoes. For the kids, it’s like getting a brand new pair of shoes.


How To Participate In The Program


Donor Organizations

The participating organization sends out an email to its members providing a simple overview of the program and directing it to the ShoesForTwo website. The email template is provided by ShoesForTwo and is edited by the local coordinator to adapt it to the donor group’s conditions. A date, usually a one to two week period, is set for the local collection. ShoesForTwo provides a collection bind which is placed in a convenient location, usually in the organization’s gym. The donor group is recognized as a  “Friend of ShoesForTwo” on our website, and is provided with photos and details of the distribution of their shoes which gets circulated back to the participants.


Receiving Shoes

Similarly to how the shoes are collected, the distribution is through local schools, church groups and youth sport organizations. An event is normally held where parents can select the shoes for their kids, or in some cases, the kids pick their shoes directly. Additionally, ShoesForTwo works with Mobile Loaves and Fishes and ACTION International to reach a diverse base of kids who need shoes, both locally and internationally.