The central tenet of ShoesForTwo is that Every Kid Deserves A Good Pair of Bball shoes. This will always happen at no costs for the kids receiving shoes from ShoesForTwo.  We are developing a good network in Central Texas of schools and basketball organizations who will collect and donate shoes, as well as a good network of locals schools and organizations in the Central Texas area that want to receive shoes. Through our connection with ACTION International (put website link), we have a wonderful international connection to kids who need basketball shoes. The first collaboration with ACTION is scheduled for Cuba in January 2016. In Brazil, there is a long standing pickup game between a local Christian School (PACA) and a group of kids from a Sao Paulo favela. We plan to get those kids some new shoes in the February/March 2016 timeframe. This base, on both the collection and distribution side will be developed as we get rolling in our inaugural season of 2015.


What could come next should be even more exciting. We have recently found an opportunity to distribute shoes to an orphanage/school in Reynosa Mexico that has a basketball program. The initial distribution is planned for Thanksgiving of 2015. We are also exploring the opportunity of an outreach to a local penitentiary in the Central Austin area. There are millions of people incarcerated in the United States who cannot provide Christmas presents for their children. Regardless of the circumstances of how they got where they are, providing them some dignity and a way to connect positively with their children could be important to their rehabilitation and also very meaningful for their kids. ShoesForTwo would wants to create a program whereby available shoes are put online so that people with limited means, incarcerated or otherwise, could choose shoes for their kids. We would complete the fulfilment from the parent to the child. The initial thought is to tie this to the Christmas season so that the shoes would be received from their parents for Christmas. We would also love to see the Central Texas model spread to other communities across the country, coordinated with local leadership who are in tune with the needs/opportunities in their local communities. 


The scaling of ShoesForTwo’s activities will require a greater time commitment of the people involved with the program and also be dependent on outside funding to support these expanded activities. Shipping a pair of shoes across the country or international has a cost, and we are committed that no financial burden will be placed upon the organizations distributing  the shoes. ShoesForTwo is optimistic that individuals and some corporate sponsors will believe in what we are doing and support our vision. Whatever the future holds, our central tenet will remain the same, Every Kid Deserves A Good Pair of Bball shoes.