Does ShoesForTwo provide shoes to girls as well as boys?

Absolutely! Girls love basketball as much as boys do, and need good shoes. High quality basketball shoes costs the same for girls as for boys. ShoesForTwo wants to see that every girl who needs a good pair of basketball shoes get one.


How is ShoesForTwo funded?

ShoesForTwo started as self-funded, but welcomes donations and corporate sponsorships in order to grow and enhance the program. ShoesForTwo has applied for 503(c) non-profit, tax exempt status and excepts to receive this designation shortly


Does ShoesForTwo have a religious affiliation?

The only requirement for participation in the program is the desire to provide shoes, or the need to receive them. An inspirational banner, “I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free” Ps 119:32, is printed on the inside top panel of the shoe box. The founders of ShoesForTwo are imperfect followers of Jesus Christ and do see this program as a way to give back. Shoes are distributed through both secular and religious organizations. 


Can I donate new shoes?

Absolutely. If you are “not local” it may be easier to make a donation and include in the notes that you’d like it to go for “new shoes”. If you have a specific size/gender (maybe you have a child’s or grandchild’s size that you’d like to ensure is passed along to another child), let us know and we’ll purchase that size and send you back a picture.


Do you guys know Serge Ibaka?

No, but we would like to! His ESPN special, “Son of the Congo” was the initial inspiration for ShoesForTwo. He seems like an outstanding young man. If anyone knows Serge, please point him to our website and maybe he’ll want to be associated with us. Selfishly, I’m hoping that he’ll throw a workout or two for my son!!!